BFFMandy text me today and said she wanted brownies. So I went to my favorite place, Target, and bought a box of brownie mix and a package of Reese’s cups (because really what’s better that peanut butter brownies) and I used my “Amazing Brownie Pan” for the first time tonight. I’d give the overall experience a B and the brownies a B-. My somewhat OCD side loves the perfectly cut brownies; I mean seriously clean cuts and perfect sides. However the pan is not nonstick (I could tell just by touching the surface) and I had to use so much nonstick spray that the brownies seemed a little oily. Also another note, I had to line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper to avoid brownie batter leaking all over my oven. It’s a fun gadget and I’ll  use it again especially when I want really clean cut brownies (bake sales, work stuff), but I think for the majority of my home brownie making I’ll probably use a plain 13×9 coated with nonstickspray/butter.
Plus Side: There are brownies in the fridge. =)


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