An Eventful day…


The great e-reader debate is finally over. *Drumroll please* I chose the Nook! I actually got the reader for my mom, her birthday is next week. I decided on the Nook for a few reasons; the top reasons being the ability to loan ebooks from the library and the touchscreen (I’m just not a fan of the buttons on the new Kindle3.) Mom and I went to Barnes & Noble today and she got the low-down on her new gadget. She now an ebook downloading fiend. I’m glad she likes her birthday gift. We had dinner as a family; just the four of us to celebrate as well (since Mom and Dad are going to be in New England on her actual birthday). Dad made steaks on the grill and we had superfab baked potatoes. We also had Banana Dream Cake from TooJay’s (Mom’s fav); which made me wonder if I could make a home version…
I spent the middle part of the day running errands and being excited to have a vacation. My flight is early so goodnight.



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