Things I Love Thursday: Favorite Fall Flavors


Welcome back to Things I Love Thursday. It has been several weeks I’ve actually done one of these and I figured it was about time. Since fall weather has finally come to Florida, I figured this week’s installment could be about fall foods and flavors. So without further ado; my top eight fall foods/flavors: 

Top Eight Fall Foods/Flavors:
8. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. I know this is not specific to fall, but I limit my drinking of this beverage to just a few during the fall months. Smooth, creamy, rich, with just the right amount of salt…this drink is awesome in a cup.
7. Butternut Squash. I adore butternut squash; in general soup is my favorite, but I have an awesome squash calzone recipe coming up.
6. Mushrooms. I know you can get mushrooms all year round, but something about the earthiness of fresh mushrooms makes me think of fall.
5. Caramel. Smooth and velvety; good caramel always makes me think of fall carnivals.
4. Apples. Fall has the best apples. Fresh, crisp, and in a plethora of varieties.
3. Soup/Stew. It’s still early in the season, but there is nothing more comforting than coming home at the end of a long say and having a bowl of warm soup or stew on a cold evening.
2. Cinnamon. I love cinnamon it’s almost an obsession.
1. Pumpkin anything. Scones, coffee, pie, soup; you name it I’m game.



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