What’s in a Name


I happened to catch part of The Royal Wedding this morning…and I do mean happened upon it during my regular hour of GMA viewing (every morning between 7 and whenever I leave the house). I had two thoughts about the whole shebang; one Kate Middleton looked stunning. Her dress was perfect; timeless, modern, and so very very Princess Grace.
My second thought, and the more prevailing one, is that she is no longer Kate Middleton; she is now Catherine Windsor. And you could tell that going by Kate isn’t a decision that she made in college or to reinvent herself; everyone GMA interviewed from her hometown said something along the lines of “Well Kate…or well Katherine…” and then they paused awkwardly and then sort of stumbled to start again. So they’ve called her one thing her whole life and now they have to call her something different.
This has actually bothered me since I heard on the radio several weeks ago that she would never be referred to as Kate again after she married William. Because obviously our situations are vastly different, but I too am a Kathryn that does not use my full name. Ever. It’s on my name badge and business cards at work, but no one actually calls me that. In fact I can’t remember that last time someone called me Kathryn. I guess I’m just sort of bothered that she can’t go by the name of her choosing and I wonder how I’d feel if I suddenly had to go from Katie to Kathryn.

Oh and I did have one more though…When did Harry become the hot one?

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