Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 26th birthday! 

I celebrated with my officemates (who we’ve previously established are ah-may-zing). They brought me cards and a balloon and chocolate and we went out to lunch.

See how fancy my desk looks!

I also brought in the birthday cake my Mom made me (I told you that would come back again). Everyone else in my family pretty much always has the same cake: my Dad always has carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (seriously every year for my whole life), YoungerBrotherGreg generally has some variation of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and my Mom usually has some sort of store bought cake (by choice, because she likes it). Me, I have never been able to settle on one sort of cake. I have had dirt cake, mint chocolate mousse cake, ice cream cake, I think I even had a cookie cake one time. In recent years though I’ve been on a caramel kick. This years cake is a yellow almond-y cake with caramel frosting. It was very yummy.

Yummy Cake!

The day was topped off with fantastic pizza (well actually laundry, but the pizza was the fun part). Seriously if you haven’t been try Woodfired Pizza on Bearss and Bruce B. Downs.


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