And so it goes…


It’s September 1st. The start of school at Hogwarts and my last official post in my year of blogging every day. It’s been a long year and a short year and nothing seems to have changed but nothing stayed the same. Since I started this project, I have lost 41 pounds, baked dozens of cupcakes, tried new foods, joined a book club. made new friends, run two 5ks and started training for a half-marathon. been out dancing so late it reminded me of college, been to concerts and movies and read several dozen books, I’ve been on dates (the good, the bad, and the weird) and been on trips and spent tons of time with family and friends.
There is a lot coming up in the next few months. I’m going to take a little bit of a blogging break and think about where I’d like to go with the blog from here, including a possible move to WordPress, and I actually think that after writing here everynight for a year I’m going to miss this. So goodnight.

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