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A Good Foundation


So I’m in the midst of a rather irritating situation. Let me start by telling ya’ll that my skin does not know the definition of “normal”. The sections where it’s oily are super slick and shiny and the spots where it’s dry are consistently rough and patchy (and that’s just my face!). Anyway back at the end of college/sometime in grad school I finally found a foundation that worked for me:


It’s Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Liquid Foundation. It’s lightweight and it covers my shiny areas without drying out the already dry ones. In a word: awesome. But now I can’t find it anywhere (or at least not anywhere I regularly shop (Target, Wal-Mart, Publix). I haven’t made a trip to a specialty make-up store since I began my search and I did purchase another kind of foundation (cause when you need make-up you need make-up). I just don’t like it though it’s some sort of old-people-age-rewind, but it’s to thick and it dries out my skin. I just wish I could find my foundation.