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Reading Room: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown


I just finished The Lost Symbol at lunch today. In the third installment of the Robert Langdon series, the Harvard professor is called to Washington D.C. by his good friend Peter Solomon to give a speech at a high society gala. When this turns out to be a ruse the mystery, clue-producing, adventure ensues. Let me just be honest, as much as I really like both Angles and Demons and The DaVinci Code I was not really a fan of this book. The clues and the mystery weren’t as crisp or as fun, the book took too long to get going (almost ten chapters), and the plot got muddled by too many chapters about nothing. Also, it seems like Brown got very wrapped up in his own mythology; there were whole passages and half chapters of historical info that did nothing to advance the plot and only slowed down the story. I did learn some interesting trivia (which anyone who knows me knows I love). Overall I’d give this book a C-.