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Rewrite: Working on my Resolutions


I’m totally rewriting my post from yesterday. I read over it again this morning and realized it made very little sense. I blame this on a combination of being ridiculously tired and trying to watch Live to Dance while I wrote.
What I was trying to tell y’all is that I have embarked on a new journey, taken steps towards my first New Year’s goal, and a gazillion other cliched saying. I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting (referred to from now on as WW because I am lazy). I have done WW before, several times actually, and let’s just have a moment of honesty: if I follow the program I lose weight. Period. The problem is that I have yet to learn how to eat the food I love in a healthy way. Hopefully I’ll manage to do that this time around.
I’m participating in the new WW PointsPlus program, which at this point appears to be only mildly different from the previous Points program. The things that seem the most different are zero point fruits (no more using up your precious points on things like strawberries, mangoes, and grapes), carbohydrate foods seem to have significantly more points than they used to, but lean proteins seem to have fewer. I’m pretty sure I said yesterday that I get 40points in the system. Can I just tell y’all that it’s a freaking TON of food. I told my mom today, I’m a little concerned it might actually be too much food, but it seems to work for other people so hopefully it’ll work for me.
SideNote: I made Quinoa and Shrimp Salad for dinner. It was pretty spicy, but pretty awesome too! No pictures cause it looked mushy and weird, but it tasted flipping fantastic!