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Pain in the Ankle


Apparently I have flat feet. I actually already knew this, but iy is the root of the crazy intense pain I’ve been having in my ankle. Wednesday morning I woke up and the inside of my left ankle hurt, but it went away as a moved around and started to get ready for work; at the time I figured I just slept crooked or that it was related to a new pair of shoes I got last weekend. Thursday morning when I woke the pain was about the same, but it didn’t go away. I limped around at work all day long hoping that it was just a strained muscle and that it would work itself out. I stopped and bought an ankle brace Thursday night and spent the evening with my ankle propped up on pillows. Friday, when I couldn’t limp anymore because the pain was so bad (and it was driving me crazy…the limping I mean) I finally went to the health clinic at work. The initial diagnosis is that my arch is getting flatter and shifting the bones in my foot/ankle; all of this is causing a tendon in my ankle to stretch. I have to wear a boot/walking cast for somewhere around 4 weeks. After that I’ll have to be evaluated for inserts for my shoes. Worried would be the wrong way to describe how I’m feeling. Tired, frustrated, and irritated are all at the top of list and I’m hoping that will get better as I get used to the boot. I am worried that I’ll have to wear orthopedic shoes for the rest of my life. That would be awful and I’m not sure I can do that. 

Night, All