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Things I Love Thursdays: The Music of the 90s

I had not planned this for this week’s “Things I Love Thursdays”; I had planned to write about my favorite cookbooks (which is interesting to me and it’s my blog so :-P), but I feel like I’m supposed to discuss 90s music this week.
Last weekend was “Throwback Weekend” on my hometown top40 radio station (XL106.7 out of Orlando). All three days they mixed classic 90s pop and hip-hop with their current radio mix. Then this morning on the radio they briefly mentioned that the lead singer of LFO (aka the Lyte Funky Ones) or “the guys who sing the Abercrombie and Fitch song” passed away. See the video below.

I actually remember the first time I ever saw/heard of LFO. My Dad took a friend and I to see and N*Sync concert in Orlando and there were these three guys and a local radio DJ on top of a bus throwing t-shirts and what not at people. It was right before “Summer Girls” started getting radio play and absolutely no one knew who they were, but they were nice to everyone and totally up beat. At least that’s what I remember.
I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the 90s lately. It is the music from my childhood and I miss that whole era of music. There isn’t anything on the radio today that compares. Don’t get me wrong I love  music from the 70s & 80s (thanks Mom & Dad), but their is just something about classic 90s that makes me smile. I’m sure there is a point to all this somewhere, but I’m feeling pretty stuck in nostalgia. Anyway on with the list:

My Top Ten Songs of the 1990s:
10. Hold On- Wilson Phillips (Wilson Phillips/1990)
9. I Want it That Way- Backstreet Boys (Millennium/1999)
8. Wonderwall- Oasis ((What’s the Story) Morning Glory?/1995)
7. One of Us- Joan Osbourne (Relish/1995)
6. Wannabe- Spice Girls (Spice/1996)
5. Smooth- Santana f. Rob Thomas (Supernatural/1999)
4.Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters (There is Nothing Left to Lose/1999)
3. One Week- Barenaked Ladies (Stunt/1998)
2. Don’t Speak- No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom/1995)
1. God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You- *Nsync (*Nsync/1998)

These are mostly in order and they are mostly all songs I loves as a child of the 90s. There are a few that I didn’t appreciate until much later, but I forgive myself since I was a freshman in high school in 1999. I was not one of those cool middle schoolers who was listening to Nirvana and not Nsync and honestly; I’m okay with that. I still ❤ JustinTimberlake!