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Things I love Thursday


Running was an epic fail tonight. It was my first try running outside and it didn’t go well; I was having some pain in my arch/ankle before I even left the house and by the time I finished my “warm-up” walk I was starting to hurt in my knee, hip, and hamstring as well. I definitely need stick with the gym for a while longer before I attempt outside. The treadmill (as much as I hate it) keeps me honest and keeps me from giving up when the running gets difficult or I get winded. On a positive note, I was able to walk all 3.1 miles and I didn’t keel over or die. so Yay me!
Here are some of the things I’m loving this week:


For a person who doesn’t like eggs very much, I’m really like egg-cessories lately. I’m sorry, I couldn’t leave the lame pun alone. Anyway, how seriously cute is this egg holder? My refrigerator is definitely not organized enough to have something like this without all the eggs getting broken, but I can always dream that I’ll have a fridge like Giada or Bobby Flay.


I sort of have this fascination with office supplies. I was that weird kid who loved shopping for back-to-school supplies. I think this stapler is AWESOME. It’s fun and kitschy and quirky, I adore it.


It’s Disney, but not. Mostly I just think it would be a cute decoration for Halloween.


How much fun is this calendar? It’s Legos people! Legos! Probably not real actual Lego-Brand Legos, but still super cute and fun.
Hope y’all are having a good week. Happy Friday Eve!

Things I love Thursday

The weather around here has been terrible today; like tornadoes, flooding, and apocalyptic rain terrible. But it seems to be slowly coming to a stop, it’s almost Friday,  and I have lots of pretty things to share with you this week. So here we go:
I love this! It’s so freaking cute. I found it while poking around on Etsy. I’m not actually sure it would be useful for me; I’m not someone who will continually remember to re-fill-out the calendar every month, but I still think it’s super adorable. And if you are that organized more power to you.

To continue with our chalkboard theme; I found these crazy cute garden signs at Crate and Barrel. It I ever have an herb garden, I will totally have these.
Source (Anthropologie=Love)
I love this egg plate. I do not love deviled eggs. The plate reminds me of these old Christmas ornaments we made out of hollowed out egg shells like a hundred years ago. That really makes me smile.
 I’m longing for long sunny summer days. And margaritas. That’s all. 

Stop! It’s Pajama Time!

You see what I did there…with the play on MC Hammer. I’m awesome…aaannd moving on.

I saw these super adorable pajamas while I was out shopping at Disney. My mom and I were browsing and looking for gifts when I saw them. It’s totally a little kid’s set of pajamas, but I wish they’d had them for grown people.

I mean seriously…cupcakes depecting Disney characters, what could be more me? It also totally gives me inspiration to try and make Disney Character cupcakes…we’ll see how that goes.

Things I Love Thursdays: The Music of the 90s

I had not planned this for this week’s “Things I Love Thursdays”; I had planned to write about my favorite cookbooks (which is interesting to me and it’s my blog so :-P), but I feel like I’m supposed to discuss 90s music this week.
Last weekend was “Throwback Weekend” on my hometown top40 radio station (XL106.7 out of Orlando). All three days they mixed classic 90s pop and hip-hop with their current radio mix. Then this morning on the radio they briefly mentioned that the lead singer of LFO (aka the Lyte Funky Ones) or “the guys who sing the Abercrombie and Fitch song” passed away. See the video below.

I actually remember the first time I ever saw/heard of LFO. My Dad took a friend and I to see and N*Sync concert in Orlando and there were these three guys and a local radio DJ on top of a bus throwing t-shirts and what not at people. It was right before “Summer Girls” started getting radio play and absolutely no one knew who they were, but they were nice to everyone and totally up beat. At least that’s what I remember.
I’ve actually been thinking a lot about the 90s lately. It is the music from my childhood and I miss that whole era of music. There isn’t anything on the radio today that compares. Don’t get me wrong I love  music from the 70s & 80s (thanks Mom & Dad), but their is just something about classic 90s that makes me smile. I’m sure there is a point to all this somewhere, but I’m feeling pretty stuck in nostalgia. Anyway on with the list:

My Top Ten Songs of the 1990s:
10. Hold On- Wilson Phillips (Wilson Phillips/1990)
9. I Want it That Way- Backstreet Boys (Millennium/1999)
8. Wonderwall- Oasis ((What’s the Story) Morning Glory?/1995)
7. One of Us- Joan Osbourne (Relish/1995)
6. Wannabe- Spice Girls (Spice/1996)
5. Smooth- Santana f. Rob Thomas (Supernatural/1999)
4.Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters (There is Nothing Left to Lose/1999)
3. One Week- Barenaked Ladies (Stunt/1998)
2. Don’t Speak- No Doubt (Tragic Kingdom/1995)
1. God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You- *Nsync (*Nsync/1998)

These are mostly in order and they are mostly all songs I loves as a child of the 90s. There are a few that I didn’t appreciate until much later, but I forgive myself since I was a freshman in high school in 1999. I was not one of those cool middle schoolers who was listening to Nirvana and not Nsync and honestly; I’m okay with that. I still ❤ JustinTimberlake!

Things I Love Thursday!

Thursdays are going to be all about things I love, things I’ve bought, food I’ve eaten, and places I’ve been.  This week it’s the iPhone app edition of Things I love. People who know me (and people who encounter me casually) know that I am one of those irritating iPhone people. You know the people, the ones who are constantly figeting with their phones and not making eye contact with the real world. I find that my phone is a huge time-waster/life-sucker and I LOVE IT! Anyway in all the time I’ve wasted on my phone I’ve found some super cool totally awesome apps.
My Top Ten Fav Apps (In No Particular Order):
1. Facebook: This does not really require an explanation. I find myself using this app much more since they blocked facebook at work.
2. Shazam/SoundHound: These are both music recognition apps and they work pretty much the same way. When you hear a song you like at a restaurant, bookstore, on the radio, pretty much anywhere you have cell service you open either of these apps point the speaker of the phone in the direction of the music and in roughly one minute you have the title and artist of the song. Both apps provide you a link to iTunes (of course) and both store your previous tags so you can review them later.
3. Words with Friends: Scrabble on crack. This is how I described this to BFFMandy not too long ago. It’s basically an extended Scrabble game. You begin a game with a friend (or a local opponent that the game matches you with) and you play until someone wins or resigns. You can have multiple games at one time and you can play a game in a day or over a few weeks depending on how fast you and your opponent respond to one another.
4. Urbanspoon: You’ve probably seen this app. It was featured in a set of iPhone commercials awhile back. I love love love love this app. It hasn’t really located much but chains (There’s a Chili’s…in Tampa…I had no idea…) but I went to Phoenix earlier this summer and it located a TON of great local places to eat. I keep checking it and hoping that more independently owned restaurants get added for the Tampa area.
5. Epicurious on the Go: I love to eat and I like cooking. This app compiles all (or at least most) of the recipes from epicurious.com. There are lots of recipes for this I’ll never make, but there are also some really cool recipes too. My favorite thing about this app is that the recipe collections change seasonally; you can always search for a specific ingredient but the app gives you recipes for what’s seasonal upfront.
6. Trivial Pursuit: I’m a trivia fanatic so this app is right up my alley. There are two games “Classic” with the standard round board and “Pursuit” which includes a collection of long narrow boards. You can play against yourself, an opponent (real or over Wi-Fi), or the computer.
7. Colorized: Another totally addicting game. This one includes a screen full of tiny blocks in six colors. The goal is to turn the whole screen one color in 25 moves or less. You lose if haven’t completed the round in 25 moves…oh and it’s timed.
8. ESPN ScoreCenter: A must have for a sports fan. You pick your sports and your teams. This app shows you all the past and upcoming games with scores, stats, and line-ups.
9. Groupon/LivingSocial: These apps are both abbreviated versions of the daily websites and e-mails. Each app shows you the daily deal for your current city and how much time there is left to purchase. My favorite thing is that you can switch cities, so if you have family in other areas or an upcoming trip you can see what available.
10. Pandora: I really like Pandora and I have several radio stations that I rotate, usually at work. This app lets me play them on the go. My favorite thing is that I type in who or what I like and it plays that and usually some music I have never heard before.
I’m always looking for interesting new apps. These are my favorites so far.
Smiles. =)