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A Year in the Life


Back in college, but before The Bucket List, I started a list of my own. It’s saved on my computer as “100 Things to Do Before I Die”, but the list is really more of a collection of life goals than outlandish things I want to do before I die. Some of the goals I’ve already accomplished (getting my Master’s degree), some of my goals are actually a little outlandish (Drive from coast to coast without taking the interstate), some of my goals are actually aspirations (Be influential), and most of them relate to travel of things I want to do (Visit every Disney Park in the World, Beat my Dad at Trivial Pursuit). One of my goals is to journal everyday for a year (it’s #50).  

I’m actually a lifelong journaler; well I’m a lifelong journal abandoner. I’ve started and stopped probably close to a hundred journals since I was a kid. I usually start with the intention to journal regularly, even once a week, but I usually stop after a week or so. I keep journaling when I’m mad or upset or sad, but eventually even that stops. I decided to meet my goal of journaling for year with a blog for several reasons: 1. Blogging is free and eco-friendly. There a 365 days in a year and if I write a page-ish a day that’s a least to paper journals, 2. A Blog is Public. My thoughts and words will be out there for people to see, hopefully that will make me more accountable, and 3. I’ve always liked the idea of having a blog and now I have a reason.

I considered starting my blogging project when I first started the blog itself back in August, but I felt like I needed a clear timeframe. I’ve decided to make today the first day of my blogging project to give myself that timeframe. September 1, 2010 to September 1, 2011. There are no rules about what I have to write; a post can be one sentence or one hundred sentences. My only self imposed stipulation is there has to be words; no unaccompanied cartoons, photos, of video blogs allowed. So here’s to a year in my life!

Days to Go:364