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Couch to 5K and Miles for Moffitt


I have a lot of news you guys. First, I signed up for my first 5k. That’s right the person who always says why would I pay to run and I don’t run, race-walk, jog, etc; I’m participating in Miles for Moffitt. It’s actually a whole series of races, most of which are on May 14. So 3.1 miles…in approximately seven weeks, what the heck did I get myself into.
To get myself ready I’m going to do the Couch to 5K (c25k) program. It’s an interval training program designed to get lazy-asses like me ready to run a 5k in nine weeks. Yes, nine not seven. So I’m already behind. So clearly I need to get my rear in motion. I went to FitNiche after work today to get running shoes. They were super nice; they measured my gait, checked my balance, and how I distribute the pressure in my feet from front to back, then the guy found me a pair of shoes that’s supposed to help correct all my wonky feet/ankle problems.
I downloaded the C25K app to my phone; which was the best thing ever, seriously if you try this program spend the three bucks and download the darn app…it made it so much more bearable. Somehow reading about this week’s workouts I thought it would be easy or at least that I would be easing into this whole running thing. But no, halfway through I seriously thought I was going to die (and I damn near fell of the treadmill…I effing hate treadmills). But I made it through and I’ll do it again tomorrow and if all else fails in seven weeks I will be running for sixty seconds and walking for ninety seconds until I finish 3.1 miles.